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Stream Vision F.A.Q.

The Stream Vision App: FAQ

1. What is Stream Vision App?
2. What languages does it support?
3. What are the main features?


Do you use Stream Vision app? If not yet, you should definitely download it! Offering a range of benefits, it’s your device’s best friend, improving the hardware and firmware of your device with the most cutting-edge software. Still not convinced? Swipe through the gallery to learn more about it, and get it for free for Android and iOS.

1.Stream Vision App is Pulsar’s proprietary software, allowing you to connect your device to your phone or tablet. You can then use it for monitoring, remote controlling, and, of course, downloading firmware updates.

2.We’re very happy to say that Stream Vision is available in 27 different languages. Simply go to the settings of the app, choose your preferred language, and enjoy all the features!

3.Apart from the previously mentioned monitoring, updating, and remote controlling of your Pulsar devices, you can also use Stream Vision App for real-time image streaming, file viewing and converting (meaning you can change video formats for easy sharing), and even as a ballistic calculator

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