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Firmware update 2.5 for Telos

Firmware update 2.5 for Telos: Bulgarian language, intuitive operation with the device and improved performance at night


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Pulsar is introducing firmware update version 2.5 with some important new features for the Telos line of thermal cameras. Upgrade now to experience the haptic feedback and improved performance of the unit at night.

Tactile feedback

The new update will be compatible with the Telos LRF XP50 and Telos XP50 models, as well as with future representatives of the line.

One of the most interesting features is haptic feedback, which can be activated from the main menu on Telos devices. Thus, the device will begin to vibrate slightly when its buttons are pressed. This makes using Pulsar’s flagship devices more intuitive.

Reduced eye fatigue

You can control the brightness of all display elements at once. Select “Display dimming” when it is completely dark outside to reduce eye strain and the possibility of being spotted by game.

Additionally, the new firmware allows turning off the LED light on the bottom of the camera. These options are located in the main menu.

Extended battery life

Keeping in mind that hunters spend a lot of time outside and long device operation is a huge advantage, an improved battery saving option has been implemented in all thermal cameras of the Telos line.

After activating this function, the device will turn off after not being used for 30 minutes. This will eliminate unnecessary battery drain and extend the use time of the thermal camera.

More languages

In addition, Pulsar has added several more languages ​​to the menus of the Telos devices. Thermal cameras will now be able to “speak” Bulgarian , Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian, in addition to the existing languages.

Some of the other smaller improvements include a red auto-calibration indicator in the device’s status field. As well as a green square that indicates the portion of the image displayed in the Picture-in-picture box. All this improves and facilitates the experience for users of Telos thermal cameras.

Summary of firmware update version 2.5 :

  • Tactile feedback: brief vibrations during certain actions
  • Display Dimming: Control the brightness of all screen elements to reduce eye fatigue and the possibility of animals noticing glare
  • Option to disable the LED light
  • Automatic shutdown of the device after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Red indication of auto calibration in the status field
  • Improved visualization of the battery level in the status field
  • A green square that indicates which part of the screen is visualized in the Picture-in-picture box
  • New languages: Bulgarian , Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian

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