Frequent Ask Questions about termo devices

1. Does the thermal appliance emit anything and is it dangerous?
Thermal devices are absolutely safe, as the device itself does not emit anything, but only receives and analyzes the input signal (infrared radiation from objects).

2. Can I use the Thermo device through glass?
No, it cannot be viewed through glass because the glass does not transmit infrared emission within 8–14 ɥm.

3. Can bright sunlight damage the thermal imager?
Aiming the Thermo Instrument with the lens cap open at powerful light sources (laser or sunlight) is not recommended, as this may adversely affect the accuracy of the thermal instrument.

Do not use the appliance at temperatures above +50 ° C, as high temperatures may damage it.

4. What is the operating life of thermal devices?

The term “operating life” should refer to the individual components of the device -microbolometer, display, switchboards, buttons, shutter and other parts and assemblies. In the technical specifications, component manufacturers include information on the maximum service life. Compliance with the rules of operation can significantly extend the life of the device.

5. Why is the image quality worse when using the thermal device at low temperatures than at higher?

Due to the different thermal conductivity, the objects (environment, background) under observation heat up faster at higher temperatures, which allows better temperature contrast and thus the image quality produced by the device will be better. At low operating temperatures, the observed objects (environment, background) are usually cooled to approximately the same temperatures, which leads to lower temperature contrast and aggraviation of image quality.

6. . Why does the device drain the batteries when it is switched off ?

Make sure the device is switched off completely, not in “display off” mode.

7. Can I use thermal sights on hunting weapons with high impact?
Check the technical specifications for each device.

8. Do I need a permit to travel with the Thermal device to other countries?

You need to check for the respective country. Please contact the Customs office of the destination to find out if there are any restrictions on the import of such device as a personal item.

9. Are the batteries charged or must they be charged before first use?
The products are delivered with partially charged batteries.

We recommend that you fully charge the batteries before first use.

Please read the user manual for more information.