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Merger LRF line update: reduced eyestrain

Pulsar is rolling out firmware update 2.5 with some important new features for the Merger LRF line of thermal imaging binoculars. Update your Merger LRF now via the Stream Vision 2 mobile app to experience improved performance at night.

The new update will be compatible with the entire Merger LRF line. The latest Merger LRF XP35 model will start shipping with the latest FW version 2.5 installed.

Reduced eye fatigue

Once you upgrade your Merger binoculars, you’ll be able to experience the same improvements already introduced to the Telos line of thermal monoculars.

Enable controlling the brightness of all display elements at once by selecting the display dimming option. This function significantly reduces eye fatigue when it is dark outside. It also makes you even less visible to animals.

Extended battery life

Given that hunters spend a lot of time outdoors and long device operation is a huge privilege, an advanced battery saving option is implemented in all Merger binoculars.

After activating this function, the device will automatically turn off if it is not used for more than 30 minutes. This will eliminate unnecessary battery drain and extend the use of the binoculars.

More language options

Pulsar is also adding several new languages to the Merger menu. Now the binoculars “speak” Bulgarian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Ukrainian, among many other languages.

Some other minor updates include a red auto-calibration indication in the device’s status bar. As well as a green box indicating the portion of the image displayed in Picture-in-Picture mode. All of this ensures a smoother experience for all Merger users.

FW 2.5 update. What’s new?
Improved image quality on Merger LRF XL50 and Merger LRF XP50
Display dimming: control the brightness of all display elements to reduce eye fatigue
Animated Zoom: Smooth zoom
Variable zoom step: smoother operation with digital zoom
Automatic shutdown of the device after more than 30 minutes of inactivity
Red auto-calibration indication in the status bar
Updated battery level indication in the status bar
New indication of the part of the image displayed in Picture-in-Picture mode
Added new languages: Bulgarian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Ukrainian

Binoculars Merger compatible with FW 2.5 update:

Merger LRF XL50
Merger LRF XP50
Merger LRF XP35 (will start shipping with latest firmware version 2.5)
Merger LRF XQ35

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