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Budget-friendly Small Monocular-E2n V2.0 Version introduced by and Thermal

12μm Budget-friendly Small Monocular-E2n V2.0 Version introduced by Infiray Outdoor


Release of 12μm low-cost handy-sized Monocular-E2n V2.0 model

InfiRay Outdoor introduces the E2N V2.0 Version of its 12μm monocular. This is an improved version of the E2N, that is one of the first InfiRay Outdoor introductory heat monoculars to gain popularity. In comparison to the previous version, E2N V2.0 has a variety of enhancements that give better client interactions..

As everyone knows, InfiRay is indeed a bolometer producer with high-quality sensors, and it is one of the pioneer companies to design and deploy the 12m bolometer for hunting. InfiRay Outdoor has upgraded the image resolution of the E2N V2.0 to 12μm, with a resolution of 256×192 pixels and an F1.0 germanium visual lens.

E2N V2.0 model focuses assisting hunters in detecting at a greater range. In the absence of light, it can identify a target the size of an average human at a distance of 675 meters.



The E2N V2.0 Version’s greater battery life goes above and beyond customers expectations.

InfiRay Outdoor has listened to your needs and increased the battery life to 20 hours, so you won’t have to worry about running out of power


Are you still on the lookout for a low-cost, entry-level thermal monocular? Look no longer because E2n Version 2.0 is here. It is a thermal imaging device with a good performance-to-price ratio, a 12μm bolometer, and a greater limit of detection and battery capacity.

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