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InfiRay FH35R Finder II Thermal monoculars

InfiRay FH35R Finder II Thermal monoculars


In the following text monoculars, InfiRay FH35R will be reviewed. Usually, these instruments are used by hunters for scouting, but there are a number of ways to use them like to find individuals that have gone missing. InfiRay. Infiray has a fine quality of the image. The use of it is simple and in comparison, to other devices, it is light and small. Moreover, the monoculars have an installed laser rangefinder (LRF) and despite the fact that it isn’t cheap, the price of the device is reasonable. We have used it during several hunting’s and for scouting in different terrains in order to test the performance and look for potential constraints of InfiRay in the open.

Heat can be detected during the day and then during the night with the use of a thermal image.

It’s very beneficial to own thermal monoculars while scouting in moments where all is quiet. The thermal monoculars provide a good opportunity to avoid accidents as you are able to spot colleague-hunters, dog handlers as well as the dogs themselves in the forest, allowing you to focus on the right things.

The thermal monocular InfiRay FH35R is ideal for a variety of factors.


The core of InfiRay FH35R is a thermal sensor with high-resolution 12μm and high definition 640×512 pixels with NETD of . <35 mK. The smaller the NETD, the more the clarity of the object that can be seen increases and facilitates proper focus among all other aspects. The frame rate is 40 HZ and the lens is F35/1.0. The scope of detection is 1818 m. From a vast distance, a helicopter may be tracked. A distance of more than 2 kilometers and still be clearly visible. All of this is presented on an OLED screen with a resolution of 1024×768. 1024×768.

The battery life is long enough however it has a penchant for sucking electrons from the battery. The device’s lifespan is around 3 to 5 hours After the battery is changed, you can keep on utilizing it. The thermal monocular has a charger and two lithium-ion batteries. Keep in mind that using the thermal monoculars during wintertime shortens battery lifetime relative to use in the summer

All in all, the image is satisfactory and has IP67 has waterproof as well as dustproof. The outside case is made from durable plastic, the buttons are rubberized, so its usage is glove-friendly.

The thermal machine on the ice

Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 Pro was used for comparison in order to give you a better idea about the size and design InfiRay FH35R weighs around 400 grams and its size is 160x90x50 mm It has a solid grip in the hand and can be put into your pocket effortlessly..

It takes around 12 seconds from the moment the button is pushed to get a thermal image. This time is very good compared to other devices, particularly if you can’t wait! It is advisable that InfiRay enhance this in upcoming devices, however, it isn’t a big problem.

Setting the ocular is simple and is done with the switch on the left side (not the lid of the battery). The display is automatically controlled and switched by an infrared sensor switch, in order to save energy and it is very effective. If you hang the device from the straps it is turned off, if you point it to someone’s head it switches on. Marvelous! It could possibly be hard to achieve 100% straight contact with the rubberized eye, but most of the time you still get a good image.

Working with the InfiRay FH35R is relatively simple. Reading the manual with instructions is very useful. The software menu inside could possibly be a bit little confusing sometimes, however, the trial-and-error approach works.

Image quality

The sensor provides good quality and has 640×512.

Many folks express the opinion that the depth of the thermal image cannot be felt. Obviously, the image is flatter than in traditional optics, but to think that you cannot feel the depth of the image is incorrect because, in fact, you do! In the darkness, the focus wheel can be used to grasp which objects are further away.




The InfiRay FH35R is priced at 2500 EUR in Europe, but it can also be found at a lower price. Taking into consideration “the market”, the characteristics, and the performance of the FH35R, it is reasonably priced. Devices having 640 sensors and LRF are expensive.


During a winter day at -2C, looking over the lake, with a little bit of sunshine, the heat from the windows could be seen. Some folks are strolling on the shore. It looks better on the camera than on the still image, but it isn’t perfect. When compared to the white-hot image below, the red hot clearly has its limits.

In fact, the 4x digital zoom is ineffective. It only gives an image that is more pixelated.

A comparison can be found below of the red hot and white-hot. A person can be seen on the bridge, about 260 meters distant.

Maybe you would like Red Hot better?

There is someone on a boat 450 meters away By looking at it with a bare eye, hardly anyone can be seen, but InfiRay makes them visible. An unknow animal can be seen (perhaps a dog?) in the mid-right of the island.

The houses can be seen from a distance of 1900 m, and the ice between the pure water and the line at the image’s focal point

The bridge made of concrete in the image’s middle is 450 meters away and is displayed in white. Keep in mind that throughout the winter season, nearly anything has a very similar temperature on a gloomy day as depicted in the picture. Therefore, the quality of the image can drastically enhance once the sunshine is heating things up.

The FH35R includes a digital compass and an accelerometer, which can be used to make information visible on the HUD.

The Finder II series has 32 GB of storage space for images and videos, which is more than sufficient. The files from the storage space are transferable over Wi-Fi to a mobile device or via a cable to a computer There is also the possibility of audio recordings. It comes with an ARC adapter, so you can set it on a tripod.



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