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InfiRay Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip T Series

The smallest 12um-Sensor integrated – Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip T Series on display at InfiRay Products.


The most compact 12um-Sensor incorporated – Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip T Series is on display at the InfiRay Products Show.

This is the best spot to find the smallest and lightest removable thermographic imager and thermographic imaging attachment available if that is what you are after. The exact measurements are 77mm x 52mm x 46mm and the weight of it is 140g. I believe that is proof enough. It’s also equipped with a 12um thermal detector.

Because the Clip T series thermal imaging attachments are so small, they can help you reduce extra weight once those clip-on thermals are put on the gunsight and used in combination with your shooting gear. The overall cost of the purchase will be much increased because of the effective 12um thermal imaging detector. Thermal pixel pitches, for example, 12um are better suited and more practical with smaller thermal lenses. The difference in purchase budget due to lens dimensions shouldn’t be overlooked. Also, it is a known fact, that 12um thermal sensors have been increasingly popular on outdoor thermals in recent times. When it comes to thermal detector devices, InfiRay outside has discovered its niche. Due to the fact that it has developed a robust research and development system devoted to thermal detectors and has spent a significant amount of money in thermal sensor technology innovation. InfiRay’s well-developed 12m technology has been widely utilized, although the 17m thermal imaging sensor is still used the most.


More benefits of 12um thermal detector tech include:

  1. Power consumption is low
  2. A detection scope of as far as 675 meters is possible
  3. This is the most compact thermal


Someone could ask what is the reason for the need to calibrate or to zero for our vision, particularly when it is needed to employ a thermal attachment to turn our weapon ranges into thermal night vision ranges for a thermal hunting trip. The answer is that we want to retain our shooting accuracy, make sure the rifle’s vision is in the same place as our thermal attachment. The functional design including this might be understood better as you may keep this calibration data information with your rifle view type into the memory database once the first calibration is done, making it much easier when you have to use it again. The thermal clip-on CTP 13 has a calibration or zeroing range of 100 meters, which you may easily handle using the accompanying Image-movement manual.

Thermography of high quality

Although the size is small, it makes it difficult to imagine how we may plan and construct flexible functional alternatives together into a compact structure. InfiRay Outdoor has a strong commitment to combining high-quality craftsmanship with market-leading development innovative skills. They contribute to the provision of high-quality thermal imaging with enhanced clearer details and deeper contrast between background and the objects, offering hunters and users the ability to ensure precision targeting.

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