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PULSAR User Mode comes to Thermion XM and Axion XM

Software update 4.0 brings PULSAR User Mode to Thermion XM and Axion XM.

Firmware 4.0 adds a brand new observation mode and improves image resolution

We’re upgrading our XM gadgets in the same way we’re updating our XP devices to improve the Pulsar performance.

User mode – the goal of various observation techniques is to provide the most appropriate options based on the natural surroundings. With Firmware 4.0, a fourth option, User mode, is added. Experienced clients that wish to have greater control over their device’s settings will appreciate this update. The newest observation mode lets you customize and remember your preferences depending on pre-existing observation modes (Identification, Rocks, Forest), brightness, and contrast choices. Adjustments can be made to all three settings separately to best fit your needs, so once you’ve stored them, they’ll stay that way even if you move to another observation mode or shut off the device. You could change the user mode by selecting options from the quick menu.

Picture and video capture quality upgrades include: video processing algorithms that are modified to improve image contrast, remove flickering, and minimize noise. New colour combinations for reticles have been introduced to the Thermion XM thermal riflescope: a white cross hair with black point and a black cross hair with white point. Icon brightness settings – the scale for the intensity of the symbols you are seeing in the menu has been extended, allowing you to reduce the brightness even more for easy sight in extremely dark situations and raise it for incredibly sunny days.

This update is only available for items in the XM series:

Thermion XM and Axion XM

The XM firmware features a couple of minor bug fixes as well as performance improvements.

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