Night vision goggles DEDAL DVS – 8


Night Vision Goggles DVS-8 are indispensable for extended comfort observation both as a night vision binocular and hands-free head- or helmet-mounted device.

This device is compatible with image intensifier tubes from Photonis (ECHO, XD4, XR5, 4G) and other manufacturers worldwide. A local dealer is usually authorized to perform device assembly on our behalf with the IIT of your choice.

DVS-8 DEP-O (II + Gen.) –3979 EUR     new price 3500eur (including VAT)

DVS-8 XR-5 (II + Gen.super) -6530 EUR new price 4540 EUR (including VAT)

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Night vision goggles DEDAL DVS - 8

Dedal DVS-8 night vision goggles are available with EOPs II +, III and XR-5 generations, which work on the principle of multiple amplification of the brightness of the image in the visible and invisible spectrum of infrared radiation. Dedal DVS-8 has a built-in IR projector. The body allows you to adjust the distance between the eyes. The device has low battery indicators and an infrared projector.

Night vision goggles DEDAL DVS - 8

Magnification, x 1.0 (3.0) (3.9) (6.6) (9.6)
Angle of view, degree 40 (10) (6.3) (4.0)
Diopter adjustment +4, −4
Weight, kg 0.42 -0.49
Power supply – AA batteries 2 pcs.
Voltage, V 3
Time of continuous work, hours 60
Overall dimensions, mm 172 × 148 × 80
Type of EOP Gen. II +, III, XR-5
Photosensitivity, µA / Lm 450—1800
Resolution, lp / mm 43—75
Work temperature −40 ° C to +50 ° C
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