Dedal night vision monocular D-370


Comfort of observation
The eyepiece of Dedal-370 boasts a very large exit pupil. This feature allows extended comfortable observation, allowing significant shifts of the observer’s eye. This is particularly important if you walk fast or run with the monocular mounted on your head. Long eye relief allows safe shooting with a monocular mounted behind a red dot sight.

Daedalus D-370 DEP-0 (II + Gen.) -3573 EUR    3390 EUR  (including VAT)

Daedalus D-370 DEP-0 ONYX (II + Gen.) -3883 EUR  3495 EUR (including VAT)

Daedalus D-370 XR-5 (II + Super Gen.) -6355 EUR  4240 EUR  (including VAT)

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Dedal night vision monocular D-370

Dedal-370 is a powerful, reliable, efficient, compact and lightweight night vision device.
This device is compatible with image intensifier tubes from Photonis (ECHO, XD4, XR5, 4G) and other manufacturers worldwide. A local dealer is usually authorized to perform device assembly on our behalf with the IIT of your choice.

High-quality high-aperture night optics
The high-quality optical system takes account of IIT peculiarities and spectral light contents in darkness, and rigid tolerances in the optics manufacturing process. It provides high image quality and high resolution across the entire field of view in our night vision devices and riflescopes.

Dedal night vision monocular D-370

Magnification, x 1.0 (3.0) (3.9) (6.3) (9.6)
Angle of view, grd 40 (13) (10) (6.5) (4.1)
Lens 26 mmF / 1.2 (+ 3x) (100 mmF / 1.5) (165 mmF / 2.0) (250 mmF / 2.0)
Diopter adjustment + 2 / −4
Remoteness of ex. pupil, mm 25
Weight, kg 0.39 (0.65) (0.77) (0.94) (1.9)
Power supply – battery type AA 1 pc / 1 pc CR123A
Voltage, V 1.5 / 3 V
Battery life, hour 25/60
Dimensions, mm 119x56x72
EOP generation II +, XR-5
Photocathode sensitivity, µA / Lm 450—1800
Amplify the light, times 25000-45000
Resolution, lines / mm 43—75
Work temperature – 40 ° C to +50 ° C
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