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Night vision device Dedal D-480/165

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Dedal D-480 is both a powerful and compact night device. The robust cermet body securely secures the EOP-pa, making it suitable for large caliber work (.375 H&H, .50BMG). The measuring scale of the device is Mill-dot, which allows calculating the distance to the target using its dimensions. The switching mechanism is located on the left side, and the one for focusing the lens is located in the upper part of the body. The model uses an LED, adjustable in power and the ability to scatter and concentrate the beam built-in IR projector, which is safe for eyesight.

D-480/165 DEP-O (6.0x; com.grade) –4375 EUR  New Price 3757 EUR (including VAT)

D-480/165 DEP-0 ONYX (6.0x; II + Gen. super) –4686EUR New Price 4325 EUR (including VAT)

D-480/165 XR-5 (6.0x; XR-5 Gen.) – 7333 EUR New Price  4608EUR  (including VAT)

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Night vision device Dedal D-480/165

Characteristics of the device:

+  6x magnification;

+ Generation II +, XR-5, III;

+ Resistance to high calibers (incl. 375 H&H, .50 cal.);

+ Special high quality lenses with high light transmission;

+ Maximum remoteness of output pupil;

+ Precise Mil-Dot scale, with the ability to adjust the contrast;

+ Precise adjustment of the scale horizontally and vertically (1/4 to 1/2 MOA or 6mm / 100m);

+ Powerful built-in infrared projector (75 mW);

+ Possibility to mount any type of weapon;

+ Moisture resistance and resistance to abrupt climate change;

+ Extremely light and comfortable.

Night vision device Dedal D-480/165

Daedalus-480 (165)
Magnification, x 6.0
Angle of view, degree 6.3
Lens 165mmF
Diopter adjustment +3, −4
Weight, kg 1.05
Power supply – AA battery 2 pcs.
Voltage, V 3
Time of continuous work, hours min. 60
Overall dimensions, mm 360x90x110
Type of EOP II +, III, XR-5
Photosensitivity, µA / Lm 450—1800
Resolution, lp / mm 43—64
Work temperature −40 ° C to +50 ° C
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