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Finder II Series Ful featured Monocular born for Precise Outdoor Observation

The Finder II Series is a comprehensive monocular designed specifically for accurate outside surveillance.

“From all the spotters that I used here in my store, is the FH25R my personal favorite for 2 years now. The image is excellent. Very good details. And because of the size, it fits easily in your pocket…” — Rinus van Wezep, proprietor of a hunt and outdoors firm in the Netherlands, agreed.


The InfiRay Finder 25R is the company’s debut thermo monocular with a laser rangefinder (LRF) capability. Users like it thanks to the sharp image and small dimensions. FL35R and FH35R are the next-generation of goods introduced by the Finder family. If you are searching for a monocular with a laser range feature, the InfiRay Finder series is a good option. The Finder Family series, which includes objective glasses ranging from 25mm to 35mm, small measurements, and fully – featured capabilities, is one you should not overlook.

What makes the Finder II Series – FL35R and FH35R – better?


To begin with, the screen panel has been updated to OLED, with the least NETD≤35mK. The Finder II Series maintains 2 sensors with 384×288 and 640×512 pixel pitches that can be chosen by customers, with the combination of an F35/1.0mm perfect optical glass and a 1024×768 pixel density OLED that ensures preferable detail identification and sharp thermal photos with multi-layer contrast quality.

The slightest changes in temperature may be accurately identified by a 12μm thermal detector that features NETD≤35mK. Meanwhile, using ultra-clear settings, in the rain, snow, or other adverse weather circumstances prevent thermals from producing clear images.


Finder II allows you to select between cold and warm image colours for an improved viewing experience.

Users may enjoy visibly crisper picture resolution with sharp details and highlight targets while using the warm hue preset. Users can enjoy a softer image with the warm hue setting to reduce visual strain caused by prolonged viewing.


Another advantage is that the LRF range has been increased to a more exact level.

Hunters think of laser distance as a useful feature, and they hope it is precise and covers as much ground as possible. The LRF distance of Finder II has been enhanced in response to user feedback. The Finder II Series contains an engraved laser ranging system that can record and show target distance fast and precisely in both single and continuous ranging modes. With a precision of +/- 1 meter within 800 meters, determining distance and topography becomes simple and quick.

Furthermore, to add to the LRF modification, the detection range has been increased to 1818 meters. The combination of a 35mm objective lens and powerful thermal photography tech allows for outstanding identification. FL35R and FH35R can identify a target with dimensions 1.8×0.5 meters at a range of almost 1850 meters in absence of light. The further the distance, the more exploration Finder II pursues

Finally, the Finder II’s battery has been modified to a removable battery pack. High-term outdoors hunting trips need a battery with a long life span. Finder II Series incorporates a removable battery pack based on customer input to improve outside usage duration. Furthermore, the batteries can be easily detached and changed in under a minute.  The Finder II Series’ operational time is around 12 hours with a basic supplementary changeable Li-ion battery pack.


Additional characteristics that are useful:

  • 6 color palettes and 32 GB of storage space

The Finder II Series has 32GB of internal storage for video and photographs, allowing you to capture amazing experiences.

For diverse hunting circumstances and personal preferences, the Finder II Series features six color palettes: ironbow, target highlight, black hot rainbow, red hot and white hot.


  • Supported by WiFi and an App

The InfiRay Outdoor application and the Finder II Series work together to handle image synchronization and information transmission. Accessibility to the online InfiRay network and after-sale assistance are among the extra services included with the app.

Aside from the aforementioned characteristics, customers may additionally add useful features like picture-in-picture (PIP), online compass, accelerometer and so on. “It’s little, but it’s powerful.” This assessment of the Finder Series is correct.

Mark Brannan from the United Kingdom, who is a user of the product, once said about Finder 25R, “The more I use this little gem the more I don’ t want to put it down. The technology packed into this tiny little unit is beyond belief.” It’s possible that this is the most flattering compliment of this device.

The target highlight is InfiRay’s unique thermal imagery palette, that is meant to “frame” the target in the range of vision of hunters by highlighting the target in white. This preset is especially handy on humid evenings or while looking at the horizon. Furthermore, in addition to the traditional five palettes, the Finder series has included a rainbow palette, which gives users more viewing options.

If you feel interested in learning more about Finder II, check the official website: p74.html

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