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Sytong HT-66 IR 850 digital night vision attachment and monocular


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The Sytong HT-66 850 nm digital night vision cap, thanks to the 4x optical magnification, allows you to instantly transform a day telescope into a high-class night vision device.

Sytong HT-66 can be used as a spotting scope, a standalone observation monocular or a night vision digital camera

The cap uses a Sony CMOS sensor and a high-class OLED display with military specification, which guarantees a high resolution of 1024 × 768 px and image clarity with a guarantee of undisturbed operation even at low temperatures. An undoubted advantage of the OLED display used is the brightness adjustment function up to 10% (from extra dark to extra bright). The device enables full-color (daytime) or night-time observation supported by an infrared illuminator with an IR wavelength of 850 nm with a 3-level light intensity adjustment. The set includes an adapter that allows the attachment of the cap on the eyepiece of the optical sight. Sytong HT-66 does not require shooting after re-shooting and putting it on, thanks to which the device can be conveniently used without fear of losing settings. The optical magnification of 4x can be increased threefold, thus obtaining a digital magnification of 14x magnification.

The advantage of the Sytong HT-66 night vision overlay over the competition

Adjustable infrared IR emitter with a wavelength of 850 nm in combination with the latest SONY CMOS sensor with increased light capture sensitivity (20% higher than in similar models from competitors) guarantees comfortable observation at a distance longer than 200 meters. The increased sensitivity of the sensor enables the observation also without the IR illuminator, which of course greatly reduces the risk of detecting the observer.

The Sytong HT-60 850 nm cap is operated by 4 buttons located on the top of the body, thanks to which we can easily handle the cap even in complete darkness. The attachment is powered by a removable 18650 battery, which can be charged without removing it from the device via the USB-C port. The built-in port also allows you to extend the operating time by using an external power bank. Thanks to the use of the stand-by mode (ready to operate), the Sytong HT-66 has not only extended operating time, but also the instantaneous start of the overlay in ~ 1 second.

The producer has not forgotten about the video recorder function, thanks to which we can record our hunting in the form of 1920×1080 FHD 30 fps video or photos with a resolution of 2608 × 1944 5 Mpix. The device uses a Micro SD memory card port with the possibility of supporting a medium with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. The user can also send the recorded data via the WiFi protocol (WLAN).

Despite the light and compact design, the Sytong HT-66 is characterized by impressive resistance to the recoil of the weapon – even up to 6000 J, thanks to which the attachment can be safely used on hunting weapons with calibers 9.3 × 62 and 375 H&H.

Technical specifications

• matrix: CMOS, Sony
• linear field of view at 1000 m: 320 m
• maximum range: 200 m
• minimum sharpening distance: 3 m
• optical magnification: 4x
• digital magnification: 14x
• display: OLED, 1024 x 768 px
• brightness adjustment of the display: yes
• battery: replaceable, 1x 18650 (included)
• charging: USB-C socket, 5 V DC, 2 A
• powered from an external power bank: yes
• WiFi module: yes
• movie recording: yes
• save photos: yes
• memory card support: yes, up to 32 GB
• sealed housing: yes, IP67
• dimensions: 138 x 96 x 55 mm
• weight: 270 g

Elements of the set

• SYTONG HT-66 850 nm digital night vision overlay with day and night modes
• adapter for optical sight
• 18650 3.6 V battery
• cable and charger with USB port
• spare rubber o-ring (gasket)
• protective cover

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Další informace


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