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Improved ballistic calculations for Thermion 2 LRF scopes

firmware 3.2.0

Firmware update 3.2.0 comes with noticeable improvements for more convenient ballistic calculations with instruments from the Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF line

Improvements in update 3.2.0:

• Remote control of the panel.
• Selection of the Proposed Point of Aim (SPOA) format.
• Change SPOA colors depending on the selected color scheme.
• Three options for visualizing the distance in the center of the display.
• Change in the time for displaying the correction; option to switch off.
• Longer display time for the “rangefinder” widget in the upper right corner.
• Ballistic calculations in SCAN mode.
• Long profile name option.
• The correction value in mil has been changed to mrad.
• Ability to work with RA4 ballistic profile.
• Changed indication of auto-calibration in the status field.

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